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2019 NAEYC Annual Conference ,we are coming

2019 NAEYC Annual Conference

The NAEYC Annual Conference is the largest early childhood education conference in the world.

Each year, tens of thousands of teachers, program administrators, students, and researchers choose from hundreds of presentations and exhibits to explore the latest trends and research in the early childhood field.

Gold Foundation has been attended the last Annual Conference and so is this year. With the influence of the industry and the huge market of China, Gold Foundation has once became the highlight of the exhibition.


Last year we attended the 2018 Annual conference

After one year, Gold Foundation has grow into a more impeccable, comprehensive and mature enterprise. Providing comprehensive kindergarten improve service, environment design service, foreign teachers employing, management and delivery service, principle training service, principle and teacher to go abroad to visit and study services for China's and even Asia-based kindergartens, early-education center and daycare institutions.

This year, we are going to continuing introduce the Chinese market to the exhibitors and promote the integration and cooperation of early childhood education between China, United States and the hole world.


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