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Application Process

Submit an application

1) You can login our website: www.goldfoundation.net and submit your application on the website;

2) Or you can email us to info@goldfoundation.net

3) Or you can download an APP called “WECHAT” and add 17727952367 and contact us;

4)Or you can directly call +86 17727952367

Online interview

As soon as we get your application, we will ask for a resume from you.We will arrange an video  interview through the skype or wechat (or other Apps that you are convenient to go with )if your resume passed our first audit.

Job matching

We are going to match your priorities and existing job vacancies according to the cities and the type of job you are interested in.

Interview with school

A representative from the school will give you another online interview, which is also an opportunity for you to ask specific questions about the job.

Sign the contract

The school will send the offer to the candidate.Once the offer information is confirmed, we will send the contract .When both sides have signed the contract and stamped,then we are going to finish the contract process.

Apply the visa


After both sides have sign and stamp the contract,we start the work visa apply process.the company will send the “Documents for work visa”to the foreign teacher wechat group :

Documents for China's working visa

1.  Original passport  or international travel documents and digital one.

2.  Original paper of working experience reference letter  and the digital one (at least two years relevant experience, it can be provided by previous company with the company stamp affixed or signed by the person in charge from the previous company). or  Tesol or tefl 

3.  Original educational degree notarized by China embassy in your country and digital one.

4.  Original non- criminal record notarized by China embassy in your country(the non criminal record just has 6 month valid, please provide latest one )and digital one.

5.  Full-face and bareheaded photo taken within 6 months and digital photo.

6.  Resume and the digital one(it should cover the highest education experience , whole working experience, oversea address, oversea contact telephone number and Email)

Other documents if needed.All the documents the teacher provide should be real and valid.


Finally go to China

When you have booked the tickets to go to China,the company will send you the guide as following,

1.Pick up Guide , the Boat Guide or the Train Guide depending on the vehicle you choose.

2.Package List

3.Pick up Board


4.The school will confirm the arrival time with the foreign teacher and arrange the staff to pick up.

5.After meeting foreign teachers, the staff will assist the stuff with luggage, take a taxi, and go to the hotel we arrange for u.

6.check-in at the reception, the foreign teacher have to  provide a passport.

7. The staff will help the teacher to settle down and  confirm with the foreign teachers the contact information  and the emergency contact person.

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