Who are we

Who are we?

Gold foundation LCC. is dedicated to establishing a professional platform for early childhood education in China and the United States, perfectly linking up the advanced early childhood education theories and rich practical experience in the United States with the changing status of early childhood education in China, helping existing nurseries and organizations with international needs, upgrading their professionalism, and providing people of insight who are commited to early childhood education a whole set of plans for the international nurseries.

What we have


      Teacher Training

Teacher Recruitment and output of professional foreign teachers (mass TESOL/TEFL qualification certificate holder/principal certificate holder foreign teacher)

Master’s degree in education in the United States (Combination of online and offline course;Get a certificate as soon as a year at the earlist;full-time master's degree officially recognized)

Chinese teachers go to the US for certification training (high course content, strong practicality)teacher Training



      Brand Instruction

High quality preschool brand to join

High-quality brand academic institutions or resource cooperation guidance


      Kindergarten Guidance

Top American experts enter the kindergarten and improve the whole kindergarten

(The content covers the environment construction, teacher training guidance, curriculum system correction, etc.)


      Teaching Materials Purchase

American brand teaching materials teaching aid purchase


      Operation Guidance

New children center or international kindergarten with full planning guidance (full planning guidance, including site selection, operation management, course management, teaching, parent class, etc.)

Investment analysis of quality education projects (senior education industry expert analysis team to make suggestions, seize the blue ocean business opportunities, and join the education cause)

Financing assistance for quality education projects (Assisting small and medium-sized kindergartens and young children's education and training institutions to invest and finance)

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